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Jamia Islamia Appeal Video

“The best charity is that given in Ramadhan.” [Tirmidhi].

Donate generously this Ramadhan and help us complete your masjid. We require around £60,000 for the Jamia Islamia project to be completed.

May Allah accept your generous donations.

Video: The Munafiqeen and the Sahabah رضى الله عنهم

A talk given by Dr Allama Khalid Mahmud sahib at the 2011 Azmat-e-Sahabah conference which was held in Birmingham. Video footage courtesy of Message TV.

Ittehad-e-Ummat Conference

Video of Ittehad-e-Ummat conference held in Bradford. Hadhrat Dr Allama Khalid Mahmud sahib’s lecture begins at 1:06:

Videos courtesy of Message TV

Video – Abu Bakr رضى الله عنه Conference Day 2

Video lectures of Day 2 of the Hadhrat Abu Bakr رضى الله عنه conference are now online. These lectures were delivered on on Sunday 22nd May 2011 at Jamia Islamia.




Two Day Conference in Loving Memory of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddiq رضى الله عنه

The Islamic Academy of Manchester of Manchester will be hosting a Two Day event this weekend in Loving Memory of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddiq رضى الله عنه .

The event will begin after Asr Salah (6.30 PM) on Saturday 21st May 2011 at Islamic Academy of Manchester, off Upper Brook St, Manchester. On Sunday 22nd May 2011, the event will continue after Zuhr salah (1.30 PM) till 4 PM at Jamia Islamia, Stockport Rd, Manchester.

All talks will be in urdu and the event has been organised by Hadhrat Dr Allama Khalid Mahmud sahib.

Chief guests: Saturday – Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Habib ul Rahman Darkasti
Sunday – Hadhrat Maulana Fazal ur Rahim sahib (Darul Uloom Deoband)

Guests from across the UK will include insha’Allah:
Maulana Imdad ul Hasan (Birmingham)
Maulana Isa Masur (London)
Maulana Muhammad Akram (Huddersfield)
Maulana Bilal (Bury)
Hafiz Muhammad Aslam (Rochdale)
Maulana Taj Muhammad (Blackburn) and more more insha’Allah.

Please inform others of this event.